About Us

BizTech Land is a Business and Technology blog in Nigeria which provides quality information to help its reader in its niche related information.

We perform outstanding research on all of our articles before publishing. We also do our possible best to update all of our content at least on a yearly interval to keep its potency.

BizTech Land is managed by four persons (BTL Team) from different walks of life; an Entrepreneur (team lead), a Digital Marketer, a Software Developer, and a Freelance Writer.

They are responsible for most of the contents seen on https://biztechland.com. As a team, they; research, write, publish and update.

Specialisation Includes Information on;

  • Business Management
  • Business Ideas
  • Online Business
  • Digital & Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Domain & Web Hosting
  • Use of WordPress & Blogging
  • Gadget Specs & Reviews
  • Hardware Management

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